Monday, January 26, 2009

Christmas Venison

Living off the land in suburbia.
So ... we have one of those lighted deer sculptures that are commonly put up for display each Christmas. Even though we bought it only last year, it didn't weather the summer months well, and when I went to put it out this year, I discovered it was missing an ear, the armature that connected the head to the motor was missing, and all the anchor rods that one drives into the ground to hold the sculpture upright were gone. I knew while putting the poor thing up that this would likely be its last Christmas on display.
Now that the season is over and it's time to tear down decorations, I wanted to make sure the sculpted cervid had a proper send-off. Considering it a fresh kill, it was necessary to dress it properly in the field, and the first step is to hang it from a tree and drain out it's blood:
Given this particular deer's nature, the effect is much nicer at night:

Yes, there are blinker bulbs in the blood puddle.

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